About Us

  1. To ensure that any customer is welcomed and looked after
  2. To ensure a punctual & a courteous customer service
  3. To ensure a reliable safe, hygienic, comfortable, luxurious & faster journey for the commuters
  4. To enhance continuously the quality of service
  5. To ensure a sustained customer satisfaction

Profits have no meaning when it comes to the happiness and satisfaction instilled in the customer through service excellence.


The Excel Group has successful history in the Transportation field. Excel Travels is a new wing of the Excel Group. They, the pioneers in the Shipping & Logistics Industry are now stepping into the Passenger Transportation segment.

  1. From Excel Maritime Services founded in 2003, the logistics company has grown in leaps and bounds till it started Excel Travels in 2014.
  2. SICCI & The Time of India awarded 'Best Navigator-2012' Award to Excel.
  3. The Managing Director of Excel Group was awarded 'Vocational Service Leadership Award' by the Rotary International.
  4. The Excel Brand itself is a Souvenir of Excellence.
  5. Veterans seasoned with passion, dedication, hand work, expertise & education form the top tier of Excel Travels management.
  6. They , as Transporters over a decade, have wide experience in this field and are fully conversant with the route, "Trichy .Chennai-Trichy".
General Terms & Conditions of Excel Travels

The General Conditions of the Excel Travels are the conditions on which Excel Travels carries persons having valid tickets for the journey and their belongings and these conditions apply to each ticket issued by the Excel Travels. Any person who travels on a Excel Travels service shall be considered to have agreed to be carried on these General Terms and Conditions.

  1. 'Coach' means the luxury bus provided by Excel Travels.
  2. 'Excel Travels' means a Private company providing travel services.
  3. 'Excel Travel Services' means any journey arranged by or on behalf of Excel Travels.
  4. 'Journey' means the journey the passenger is entitled to make as per the ticket bought.
  5. 'Luggage' means any article the passenger brings to the bus along with him for the journey.
  6. 'Boarding Point' means any of our offices or stops where the journey is to be joined , left or enrouted.
  7. 'Ticket' means the valid ticket issued by us or on our behalf to carry the valid ticket holder for a journey permitted & fare payable by the passenger.
GPS ( Global Positioning System)

This system which tracks the moving vehicle continuously, gives us the location of the vehicle at any point of time. This helps the company to ensure better services to the customers in respect of arrival, delay or breakdown.

Rear Sight Camera

This system which scans the area behind the vehicle during backing up, helps the driver to safely manoeuvre the vehicle and avoid untoward incidents.


Air-condition is the basic minimum preference for any long distance travel, especially in tropical countries like India.

Sleeper Berth

Another recently-preferred convenience is sleeper berth facility, which we provide. Excel Travel.s specially designed coach is to carry 30 passengers only, in 2-tier berths, allowing adequate moving space.

Luxurious & Well Maintained

The Excel Travels have introduced only high end Luxury coaches which are well-maintained on daily basis.

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